Which Social Media Platforms Are Best For Your Business

CMO.com is a website that provides insights on online marketing as well as newest happenings in the realm of social media. In February 2010, they issued the first CMO’s “Guide To The Social Media Landscape”. This year, in they have released the updated version of the guide.

The updated guide had four sections, which are: customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site and SEO. How well top social media outlets are scoring in those sections, is the benchmark to determine their performance.

The two most prominent social media networks: Facebook and Twitter managed to hold top ranks. Twitter scored well in all those categories. Customer communication and brand exposure are areas where performances of Facebook and Twitter are good. Both sites draw good traffic to other websites.

As for SEO, links from both Facebook and Twitter are no-follow on search engines, but even then Twitter possesses some social components, which according to the infographic, Facebook lacks. That’s why, Twitter’s performance in the SEO category is okay while Facebook’s is bad.

Other than the major social networks, there are some other social media blokes, the performances of which were evaluated. Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon are some of them. 2010 was overall a bad patch for Digg, but after a wholesome redesign of the some parts in the layout, it seems they regained control of the once lost user base. Not only that; advertisers are also showing interest to Digg, because in the category of brand exposure, Digg’s performance is good. StumbleUpon stumbled in the customer communication part. Otherwise, their performance is decent. For SEO of a site and drawing more traffic, StumbleUpon is a plausible option.

Reddit sees red signal in brand exposure section. In my opinion, this is a bad sign because infrequency of brands indicates that user base isn’t dense for that site. Poor Reddit, they need to sort out why the quality of their site is declining. Overall, the infograph is quite handy for online marketers as all four sections are essentially related to digital marketing.


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