The World Belongs To Facebook

The June 2011 edition of world map of social networks by Vincenzo Cosenza shows that Facebook still holds the number one slot in most countries around the world. Canada and United States are in this list. So are United Kingdom and many other countries across the Western Europe. In some countries however, Facebook hasn’t been able to create a mark.


In China, Russia and Brazil, the local social networks aren’t letting Facebook to walk over them. QZone in China and V Kontakte in Russia are very much present. The report, which is composed following the Alexa and Google Trend data reads, “Probably Netherlands and Brazil will be the next countries to surrender.” Only time could say if it’s more than just a wishful thinking.

The report came up with some interesting findings. In Russia, the hegemony of V Kontakte has been challenged by its social networking counterpart Odnoklassniki. If someday the latter surpasses the former and becomes the leading Russian social network, it won’t be of surprise.

Facebook is taking initiatives to win the countries where it still doesn’t have a significant presence. Facebook team is having dialogues with Chinese establishment so that Facebook secures a place there also. How useful these talks would be for Facebook is yet to see.

Eric Eldon of InsideFacebook mentioned in his report that in US and in Canada, Facebook is having a drop in traffic. Facebook should take it as a matter of grave concern as there’s no point in capturing Iran and Syria if its base, which is participation by domestic users, isn’t strong enough.


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