The Present Photo Sharing Scenario Of Twitter

Twitter announced that users won’t have to use the third party platforms to share photos on Twitter, rather Twitter’s web and mobile service will give them the facility to upload photos without using any of third party platforms. This is interesting, but the question is, if the importance of apps like Yfrog and TwitPic will be at stake due to this.


Sysomos, a social media monitoring company attempted to answer this question. They gathered all the tweets that were uploaded on May 30, 2011 to monitor the photo sharing trend. Their study shows that amongst all these tweets, 14.9 percent contained at least one link and 1.25% contained a link to a photo from any of photo-sharing services. According to Sysomos’ report, on average, 170 million tweets get uploaded on Twitter each day. 1.25 percent implies more than 2 million tweets.

A major number of such tweets come from the aforementioned third party apps. Of all the tweets, which contain links to photos, nearly 46 percent comes from TwitPic. Yfrog contributed to almost 30 percent tweets. Lockerz and Instagram are also on the row; 17.4 percent photo-sharing links come from Lockerz and 5.25 percent comes from Instagram.


So the question inevitably occurs is, if users share photos on Twitter in a native way, what will happen to these third party apps. Also, will it create any sort of rivalry between these apps and Twitter?