Microsoft-Facebook Partnership Brings More Social Results To Bing

Microsoft is making some changes in its search engine, Bing. In the official blogpost, Microsoft announced “Research tells us that 90% of people seek advice from family and friends as part of the decision making process. This “Friend Effect” is apparent in most of our decisions and often outweighs other facts because people feel more confident, smarter and safer with the wisdom of their trusted circle.” The advice of the trusted circle will be relayed by Facebook.


Apparently, one might wonder as to how being personalized will result in better outcome in search engine. Actually, Microsoft is expanding Bing. As mentioned above, the data that will be displayed, will come from Facebook. This is a perfect demonstration of the Microsoft-Facebook alliance.

Both, Microsoft and Facebook, want to breathe down Google’s neck and this is one step that would help both companies achieve that. Search is now synonymous to Google. Microsoft wants to change this myth. However, if Bing wants to take Google’s place they need something exclusive and that is what the present upgrade will allow. Google is also trying its hands at social to overthrow Facebook at its own game, so the decision of Facebook to help make Bing more social is understandable.

The social networks have become best storage areas for personal data. The biggest in this list is no doubt Facebook, due to its mammoth user base. The updated Bing will use data available at Facebook to influence its search results. After logging in to Facebook, when a user will carry out a search Bing, the result will include data showing which of the friends of that user have liked an URL. If the user doesn’t have any such friend, then contents liked by many users of a community on Facebook, will be displayed.

The indication of this new feature was subtle in Bing’s earlier announcement that it will include the website URLs that are liked and shared by Facebook users in its search results. Now, Bing’s search is going to be full-fledged social.

With this announcement Facebook and Microsoft are directly giving an answer to the Google’s +1. Other than allowing users to refer links using the +1 button, Google would also include the referrals of friends in the search results. This does give Google some momentum but, Facebook has much larger database of referral data.

Earlier, we also reported that we are just weeks away from the launch of the +1 button for websites. Once the +1 button for websites is launched, it would give Google the much needed edge over Facebook and Bing. What would be interesting to see is if Microsoft and Facebook do plan on integrating the Like button on the Bing search results page to take this rivalry to the next level.

What’s your take on the upgraded Bing? Would this be enough to shift you to using Bing, if you have been using Google?

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