Google +1 Button For Websites Coming Soon!

When Google had launched the +1 button back in March, the company had announced that soon webmasters and publishers would be allowed to use the button on their websites as well, just as do with the Facebook Like button. But, within hours Yvo Schaap had broken down the code and showed us that the button was there to be used. Needless to say, Google fixed the glitch much faster than Schaap could locate it. But now, we know that the +1 button for websites is just weeks away.


A report by Search Engine Land confirms that Google gave a preview of the +1 button at the ongoing I/O conference. Timothy Jordan, the developer advocate from Google announced that, the +1 button is just weeks away. Google will provide seven different designs of the button which can be obtained from a simple code generator. Google will also allow developers of high traffic sites to track the activity of the +1 button used on their site.

Although the +1 button has negligible presence when compared to the Facebook Like button, it is needless to say that it would not take much time for Google to catch up with Facebook. The reputation of Google coupled with the design of the button will be the driving force. All the sites which have the Like button integrated, would not have to make much effort in including the +1 button as it shares a similar design.

A major difference would be made if Google starts considering the activity of the +1 button in determining the quality of a site, to produce its search results. If Google does take this step, it won’t be long before the importance of Facebook’s Like button to developers gets overshadowed by the +1 button. But, what has to be seen is how Google complements the +1 button with other social features, without which the +1 has no value as only a user with a valid Google profile can use the button and influence the search of his friends.

The Like button mostly provides referral traffic to websites by allowing users to share content with Facebook friends but, the +1 but would act more like an influencer as it would tell users who amongst their friends have voted for a site, right from the search results. Although these are mostly speculations, it can not be denied that the coming months would see a lot of action from Google. The success of the +1 button is not tied to the features that have been previews but, is dependent on the features that will be announced in the future.

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