New News Feed Settings Introduced By Facebook

Facebook has come up with some changes in their hompage user interface. Users can now chose to see the updates from ‘Friends and pages you interact with the most’ or those from ‘All of your friends and pages’. Previously, it showed the most recent updates or the most popular ones. The advantage of this new setting is that users will be able to ignore the activities they find irrelevant. Earlier they had no choice on this. But there have been some confusions around which is the default option.

Josh Constine of InsideFacebook points out:

Last week, Facebook changed the options in its news feed settings so users either “Show posts from: friends and Pages you interact with the most” or from “all of your friends and Pages.” Some users have unknowingly been defaulted to the first option, causing lot of content to be hidden from them without their knowledge.
It’s not exactly clear what determines which default users receive, though newer accounts appear more likely to only be seeing content from a subset of friends. Previously users could select exactly how many of their friends they saw posts from.

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To access this new setting, users first have to go the ‘News Feed’ and then click on the ‘Edit Options’. Clicking on that link opens a pop-up window titled ‘Edit Your News Feed Settings’. Beneath the title the ‘Show posts from’, the two forenamed options are shown. Other than ‘Show posts from’, there is also an option to ‘Hide posts from’ which enables users to hide updates from specific friends and pages.

This new setting will be helpful mostly for people, who have a huge list of friends. Suppose someone has 400 friends and if she doesn’t want to acknowledge all recent activities by each single friend, via the new settings, he will only stop by the ones, which are coming from his close friends. A very interesting thing here is, recently Facebook had given the scope to advertisers to use their application programming interface and manipulate the news feed to promote their brands. And now, within a very short span of time, the news feed is again in the discussion. Probably, there will be more changes relating to this item in future.

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