Social Media to connect Fans and Brands: BIG Time!!!

Are you on social networks just to connect with your friends? If yes then you will soon fall into the minority of Facebook users. According to recent reports users are increasingly coming on Facebook to connect with their favourite brands. Even marketers are making the most of this rising trend.

Until recently, most efforts have focused on linking existing email strategies with emerging social ones. Ascombined efforts become more advanced, sophisticated integration will mean segmenting email and social audiences to understand how they overlap, what they want and how messages should be customized for the two tactics.

Motivation to Give Email Address to a Company, Apr 2010 (% of US internet users)

Based on research from ExactTarget, the motivation for opting in to marketing emails somewhat different from what most studies show regarding liking brands on Facebook or following them on Twitter. Discounts and promotions were the clear winner, followed by freebies and sales. Reasons like wanting to interact with the brand or show their support came in at the bottom of the list.

For social followers, discounts and deals are still highly important. They came in second in a March 2010 survey by Morpace about joining Facebook fan pages. Chadwick Martin Bailey found they were the primary reason to follow a brand on Facebook or Twitter in February 2010. Razorfish reached similar results in August 2009.

These motivations bolster assumptions that email is a more passive channel, while the more active brand advocates are to be found following brands on social sites.

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