Unfollow Inactive Tweeple on Twitter

There could be something more to Twitter given the fact if everyone tweets real-time and all time. Twitter is for people who are on the go, updating via tweets and more. But do we see all of them tweeting? So what’s the issue? Why don’t they update? The answer is very simple as not many understand the medium but want to be there because of his/her favorite celebrity or brand is on twitter tweeting.


A recent study of some 19 million twitter accounts found out that only 21% people are active on twitter whilst the others aren’t tweeting at all. This makes one thing clear; that the number of people who are unwanted in your account should be necessarily thrown out as there is no need to follow them. Mind you the follower to following ratio brings a lot of credibility to your account on twitter if maintained at 2:1 ratio.

Imagine an application that would give a list of users who hadn’t updated Twitter in X number of days or something to that effect. This seems like a dream come true for accounts that have been always spammed for some known and unknown reasons. I came across some tools and made a long list to share. Here is a low down on all of them

Untweep :

This is one of the best unfollow tools when it comes to segregating inactive twitter users on the basis of number of days. It’s very simple, as all you have to do is enter the number of days you want to screen out the people you follow and unfollow them cumulatively

P.S. It one of the first apps to use a twitter OAuth after the beta period.


Once you go through this hurricane task of scanning, receiving a direct message from @TheTwitCleaner, clicking on the link and then coming on how many of your friends have been not active in over a month and you can unfollow them in one click. How time consuming?


The Cleanup section besides all is a complete hassle free way of getting pure analytics for your followers. Nothing can match up the detailed info you can get here. Land directly and find it for yourself.


The one outstanding thing about twerpscan is that you can manage both followers and followings. Drilldown is an add-on which helps to record activity of any account on twitter. Insights are just fabulous.

The Unfollow App

As the name itself suggests, the app is quiet made for the purpose it serves the best. The only differentiating factor is that it gives you a scanned list of people and allows you to see whether they follow you back or no.


You sync with Twitter, sort peopleyou follow by Last Update, then you can see your Twitter following’s last updated status and unfollow those inactive Twitter users one by one. It is very tedious to use. Please beware.


Besides the name, it says a lot of things. Like the detailed info of a twitter account pop-up, the filters which consists of everything  like Following Me, Not Following Me,  I’m Following, I’m not Following,  Previously Followed, Never Followed, Locked, Not Locked, With picture, Without picture, tweets in last X number of days, simplified search.


Untweep wins against twitoria hands down for two reasons. One is twitrioa doesn’t give the liberty of exact number of days to track people to unfollow and second is that once you have the list, you have to unfollow one by one which is very time consuming.

Amongst the listed tools, the recommended ones are definitely Refollow, Twerpscan and Untweep. However you can look for youself and let us know if you find anything better than these.

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